Abu Dhabi Island & The Fort

Activities in the Abu Dhabi Island & The Fort area included educational archaeological digs and artefacts handling sessions (where children could explore elements of Abu Dhabi’s history), and horseriding. Traditional games could be played beside a ‘school’ that was set up to emulate how traditional Emirati schools used to look and operate.

Visitors could also enjoy demonstrations of Sadu, Henna and Dukhoun (traditional scent or incense making), and had the opportunity to join in themselves.

There was also a traditional wedding house, or “Beit Al Zehba”, where visitors could watch performers prepare for a traditional Abu Dhabi wedding with dancing, music and costumes, giving them a unique glimpse into a very special celebration.

Scheduled workshops included Dukhoun, Henna, Ajfaa, Telli, and Sadu making, as well as the opportunity to be taught Emirati culinary specialities by well-known Emirati chefs.

Visitors could also explore a souk selling authentic, high-quality items reflecting UAE crafts and traditions.

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