Qasr al Hosn Area

Qasr al Hosn is the symbolic birthplace of Abu Dhabi and its most iconic historical landmark. Qasr is the Arabic word for palace and Hosn is the Arabic word for fort. It refers to the dual uses of Qasr al Hosn over time as a defensive structure housing military units and as a royal abode and seat of government.

Constructed more than 250 years ago, Qasr al Hosn is the traditional and ancestral home of the Al Nahyan family. The Bani Yas tribes that discovered fresh water on Abu Dhabi Island and built a watchtower to protect it are ancestors of the present day ruling Al Nahyan family. Throughout the royal lineage, each and every incumbent Sheikh recognised the inherent symbolic worth of the Qasr al Hosn and commissioned a wide range of work to ensure its longevity.